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Straps that Inspire

Legend Straps has the mission of connecting artists with artists, to inspire creativity with creation.

The story of our handmade leather guitar straps starts with the Wayuu Indigenous Group, a women-led indigenous group with reservations scattered across Colombia's remote Guajira region. Each woven pattern that our handmade guitar straps feature has been purchased directly from the artisan on a fair-trade basis.

But the work doesn't stop there. We then work with a family-run leather shop in Bogotá, Colombia to produce our straps in small batches.

The last step, it's yours.

To make beautiful music that continues telling the story of a strap that combines the timelessness of leather with the beauty and tradition of the Wayuu's age-old tradition of creating intricate woven patterns.

So, what's the Legend?

Our handmade leather guitar straps are so much more than just a guitar strap, something that we wanted to be reflected in our name.

Legend Straps works directly with artisans of the Wayuu Indigenous Group in Colombia to fairly source the woven patterns that make our straps so unique.

This women-led indigenous group has been weaving and crocheting for longer than guitars have been played. They're most known for their "mochila" handbags - a tradition that began long ago when the tribe was nomadic. Now, Legend Straps works directly with Wayuu artisans and Wayuu families to source 100% of our woven patterns on a fair-trade basis.

When you use a Legend Strap, you're not just using a guitar strap. You're becoming part of a tradition that is as old as music itself.

Our Collections: Sunrise, Rattlesnake, and Sunset

Legend produces straps in three different collections.

The Sunrise Collection features designs whose inspiration comes from a desert sunrise. These straps push vibes of hope, energy, vibrancy, and vitality.  

Each of the woven patterns that Legend Straps feature is made in the Guajira Desert, whose beauty and mystery inspire those straps in our Rattlesnake Collection.

The Sunset Collection features designs whose colors are reflected in the beautiful but ultra-quick sunsets of the Guajira Desert. These straps have serene and calm vibes, with a touch of mystery.

Our goal: a strap as unique as your own musical style.



  • Super comfortable

    “I love the designs, but especially the comfort. The leather is so soft and doesn't bother my shoulder.” – Nova Mann

  • Love how it wears in

    "I've got my Legend Strap on a super heavy bass. The smooth leather on the back is so comfortable. Plus, the leather has worn in so nicely, and the design is sick."

    -Robert H, Science Fiction Sounds

  • Perfectly Integrated Folk Art

    “The straps will easily fit any full-body guitar, and are perfectly integrated with the leather. My Legend Strap really shows off the mahogany body of my guitar.  

    This work is special, indeed. That’s the way folk art behaves.” - Gene Scott, Musician and Author

  • A favorite in my collection

    "The design and the softness of the leather are awesome. But what I like most about my Legend Strap is that the leatherwork is done by hand, and woven pattern is unique and fair trade. Definitely a favorite in my collection.” - Jesse C.

Questions. Answers.

Are Legend Straps made with genuine leather?

Yes! Our straps are made with 100% genuine leather, produced in tanneries Colombia. We especially love the softness of the leather that we use, and hope you will too.

Your back will thank us. Probably your shoulders, too.

Can I use a Legend Strap on a Bass?

Totally! Legend Straps are designed to fit any instrument with buttons, but are also designed to support the extra weight of an acoustic bass. In fact, when we were designing our first prototype, a Nashville bassist was key in providing us essential feedback to improve our straps.

Do you ship outside the US?

We are currently working to offer international shipping at affordable rates starting January, 2024.

How many of each strap do you make?

Right now, we make only two of each design.

How big are the button holes on each strap?

We've designed our straps to work perfectly with strap locks. But, each instrument is a bit unique. You may need to make some final adjustments to have the most comfortable fit. However, we know our straps are holding your baby. So, the priority is longevity: we want to be sure you'll be able to use your strap for years and years and years.

Are the straps adjustable?

Yeah, you can totally adjust the strap to fit you and your instrument comfortably.

Each strap has two pieces, and is fully adjustable 38-56 inches.

How fast is our shipping?

All orders ship directly from our shop in Tennessee. Our dedicated shipping team aims to get orders out the same day.

By the way, we offer free shipping (USPS), but if you need your strap faster, we also offer expedited shipping options.

We're currently working to offer international shipping options.

Do you offer returns?

We want you to love the strap. If you don't, just let us know let us know within 14 days of receipt.