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Backstage at Legend Straps

Weaving Timeless Tunes: Our Story

Walk backstage with us at Legend Straps, where every strum echoes the fusion of ancient craftsmanship and contemporary music, resulting in more than just a guitar strap. Founded by Warren, a lifelong musician and Nashville-to-Bogotá expatriate, Legend Straps' journey stretches way beyond a moment in 2017 when wayuu woven patterns inspired a guitar strap that connects timeless traditions.

Our story beats to the rhythm of Colombia's vibrant culture, played on leather and woven threads. Our brand was born to bridge the worlds of conscientious musicians and local artisans, creating a harmony between timeless traditions of music, weaving, and leatherwork.

Connecting Artists to Artisans: Our Mission

Our mission? To connect artists to artisans through handmade leather guitar straps whose story and design inspire creativity.

Legend Straps' unique vibrancy and authenticity stem from this interweaving of worlds. The intricate patterns etched into each leather guitar strap aren't just intricate designs; they echo the rhythm of Wayuu artisans' timeless tradition, on the backdrop of the finest leathers crafted in a family-run leather shop in Bogotá.

Celebrating a rich tapestry of craftsmanship transcending generations, each guitarist fueling their creativity with Legend Straps is joining a narrative as old as music itself, becoming part of a tradition forged by the hands of those who came before us. Every chord you strike, every strum, resonates this mission and amplifies its reach, making your music the channel through which these stories are told.

Roots in Nashville, Heart in Colombia: Our Journey

Legend Straps not only combines traditions, but also homes.

Our founder, Warren, is a Nashville-to-Bogotá expatriate who relocated to Bogotá in 2014. Apart from wanting to create a guitar strap that would combine timeless traditions, Warren wanted to create a product that would bridge the two places he considers home: Bogotá, and Tennessee.

During our prototyping phase, we had the input of several national and international touring musicians based in Nashville. We wanted to make sure that our straps would be able to withstand the rigors of life on the road, while also being comfortable enough for everyday use. We wanted to create a product that would be as durable as it was stylish, and that’s exactly what we did.

The result? A guitar strap that's a nod to the Nashville scene and swings to the rhythm of Colombia's heart. A unique piece that balances the familiarity of well-known tunes with the exotic allure of distant lands.

Folklore Embracing Functionality

Though we’ve got miles of history woven into our handmade leather guitar straps, we never miss a beat when it comes to functionality. Harmonizing artistry and ergonomics, each Legend Strap has been crafted using the softest yet most durable leather, ensuring comfort even during the longest jam sessions.

In our Customers Words: We Want an Encore!

The melodies we've crafted can be heard guitarists everywhere, their tunes composed with our guitar straps feature a shared chorus — love for Legend Straps. Take a stroll down our backstage area and read through our Testimonials, where echoes of praises bounce around. Paying homage to our straps, musicians share their stories, creating a tight-knit community, inspiring one another through their tales resonating in the strings of our shared passion.

End Note: Offering More than a Strap

At Legend Straps, we offer more than just a leather guitar strap. It's a part of your story. It's a way for you to take a stand and support fair-trade practices, family-run businesses, cultural legacy, and conservation. Our handmade leather guitar straps aren't mere accessories; they are bridges to our shared human experience, connecting people and traditions.

If you are a musician looking to strike a chord with authenticity, sustainability, and global consciousness in music, then Legend Straps is your stage. Welcome home!

Experience the symphony that awaits. Check our collections here.